Coacăz negru Rubin


  • Sturdy variety with high yield of productivity
  • Shrubs with vigorous growth, large grain
  • Harvesting season: end of july.

Coacăz negru Dyana


  • The blackcurrant belongs to the category of erect shrubs, growing in the form of bushes with 10-20 stems emitted from the package and reaching 1.5-2 m height. The roots easily emerge erom the stem, developing superficially at 15-30 cm deep, and horizontally over a radius of 20-50 cm.
  • Early starting in spring vegetation and blooming. The buds are prominent, oval, and the small hermaphrodite flowers are grouped in racemes with 4-15 flowers, while the berries are 8-10 mm.
  • The pollination is automatic, all varieties are self-fertile, and fruit maturation in June-July, depending on the variety, yielding 3-5 kg / bush.
  • The multiplication is made by woodcutters or semi-milled, marcote, grafting and meristeme cultures. Obtaining authentic, healthy and quality plants requires nurseries that have the necessary technique.


Ciumbrud Plant

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